Part two of the FTA’s Educational Series, covers on-trail safety. Stay safe this fall, by reading more, below…


With hiking, trail running and mountain biking being very popular in the Elk Valley, it is important to remind everyone about the risks and increased responsibility we have while enjoying the outdoors. Please have an active approach in being bear aware and avoid surprising bears while hiking or mountain biking.

How can I stay safe when hiking or running in bear country? Here are some good tips from @yourbcparks

· Make noise. Don’t surprise a bear.
· Be alert. Watch for bears or their scat and tracks, any strange smells or disturbed vegetation. Be aware of wind direction and speed. Extra caution is warranted when the wind is facing you.
· Stay together. Hike and bike in groups and don’t let children wander.
· Watch your pets. Keep your dog on a leash at all times.
· Use officially marked trails. Travel during daylight hours. Bears are most active at dawn and dusk.
· Carry bear spray and know how to use it.

How can I stay safe while mountain biking? Here are some good tips from the Fernie Mountain Bike Club:

· You need to make noise, especially because bikes move very fast and exceedingly quiet.
· Carry Bear Spray and ensure that it is readily accessible.
· Watch for bear signs. If you suspect a bear may be in the area, leave the area if possible, or at the very least, make an excessive amount of noise.
· Avoid riding downhill at a high rate of speed. This is especially true on winding hills where bears may be feeding around the next corner.
· Avoid riding trails that are lined with seasonal food sources.
· Ride in groups.

For more information about preventing and handling encounters with bears you are encouraged to view the movie “Staying Safe in Bear Country” which is available for public viewing at the Fernie Chamber of Commerce free of charge. You can also visit the Wildsafe BC Elk Valley


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Thanks for taking the time to read and learn, about on-trail safety and preparation!