Meet the FTA

Who is behind the FTA? A lot of amazing, hardworking volunteers. Along with an active, progressive board, we have a number of FTA Committees, who handle a wide range of topics from trail work to fundraising, to everything in between. As well as endless volunteers, sponsors and supporters, who tie it all together.

Our Current Board of Directors:

Krista Turcasso – Chair

Angela Etheridge – Vice Chair

Wade Hawkins – Secretary

Ross Roseingrave – Chair of Trails & Maintenance

Abi Moore – Chair of Communications

Todd Paterson – Fernie Valley Pathway

Cathy Howell – Strategic Planning

Wendy Anderson – Treasurer & Bookkeeping

Kristi Bilodeau – Chair of Grants & HR

Mike Bragg – Chair of Trail Inventory

FTA’s Manager:

Julie Kelly


FTA’s Trail Manager:

Ben Martin – read more about Ben’s hiring, and this new pivotal role, HERE.

FTA’s Bylaws:

Please view our current Bylaws, HERE.