How to get the most out of Trailforks – MAY 2020

We have seen some good questions surrounding the use of Trailforks, and figured it would be helpful to set out some of the features and user configurations to make sure everyone is getting the most out of it.

A big thank you to Simon Piney for putting this information together.

Using the maps for navigation

This is the most obvious feature and the only thing to be aware of is that the maps, reports and closures only update on your phone periodically. At this time of year, with lots of reports coming in and trail statuses changing daily, you should make sure the app data is up to date.

To do this go to the menu on your TF app on your phone / Settings / Downloaded Regions / Poke the reload symbol next to British Columbia.

Trail Reports

The TF system is user-driven, the more users that file reports, the more info there is for everyone.

To see a trail status, simple click on it in the map view and a little page will pop up at the bottom. There is a little traffic light dot bottom right telling you its status. If you want more info press on the name of the trail in the little page and it will take you to a full page for that trail. Hit “Reports” at the bottom to see the latest reports. Make sure you check the date for how relevant that report might be.

If you want to add a report, hit the “+” symbol top right of this screen. Using the desktop version also allows you to file reports easily.

Link your rides

There are a couple of features that allow your rides to be logged. The benefits of this are trail user data (just #s, no specifics) for the FTA, and a streamlined system for filing trail reports, as the system can be configured to send you an email allowing you to quickly summarise trail conditions on every trail you rode.

If you use Strava, you can simply link Strava to Trailforks and it will pick up your rides and runs and automatically upload that data.

Receiving an email

Linking Strava to Trailforks


If you get lost or hurt on a trail, Trailforks can be very helpful. Go to the menu (top left, three horizontal lines), hit the big red ‘Emergency Info’ button. This gives you your Latitude and Longitude, and the button below ‘Call 911’ allows you to share that info through any messaging app installed on your phone. This has been used on a number of occasions by Fernie Search + Rescue to identify exact locations on a specific trail and is a very valuable tool.


Trailforks is administered locally by two FTA volunteers. Any questions, suggestions, omissions should be posted on Fernie Trail Conditions and Ride Board Facebook page or emailed to and we will do what we can to help.