FTA Trail Work

Trail Work

There are always a number of projects on the go. While some are bigger picture, longer-term projects spanning multiple seasons; many are weekly or seasonal efforts to maintain and improve our extensive trail network.

Led primarily by our Trail Manager and our Trails & Maintenance Committee, projects are completed thanks to a dedicated and extensive crew of volunteers.

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Ongoing Projects

Epic Trail

(Summer 2019) Scouting and planning phase of a multi-use single track trail for intermediate to advanced hikers and bikers.

Fernie Valley Pathway

(Spring 2019) Ongoing project. For full details, download PDF here

Logging restoration

(Summer 2019 onward) Restore trail network in logged areas

2020 Trail Maintenance

Heiko’s & Mount Proctor

(Summer 2020) – Extensive work was made on popular hiking trails, with significant projects being completed on Mount Proctor and Heiko’s Trail, (from both Hartley Lake and Alpine Trails access points). Both projects were made possible through funding from the Columbia Basin Trust and RMI.

3 volunteer groups from 3 trailheads – Hartley Lake, Island Lake and Alpine Trails. Entire route had all blow-down and avi debris removed. Brushing with chainsaw, loppers and hand saws done where needed. Outhouse vent installed. Trail counters installed. Mount Fernie bench finished.


Stump removal and drainage improvements to the clearcut sections of Hyperextension, along with brushing.

Phat Bastard + Red Sonja

Upgrades and improvements to renowned wet areas, boardwalk and culvert work.

Lazy Lizard Connector

A busy trail, leading from the Provincial Park campground. Added a 30′ boardwalk to fix persistent mud hole, on-off ramps, culvert and causeway.


Slash pile reroute, slump, brushing.


Extensive work to entrance, rake off rocks and pebbles and fill rain ruts.

Eric’s Trip

Deck bridges, build dirt transitions, tune up berms lips and drops, drain and culvert, remove stumps, tidy up site and remove landscape cloth.

Gorby + Sherwoody

Added culvert, diverted creek off road, filled holes, raised bridge, improved drainage and filled ruts.

Coal Creek Heritage Trail

Demolish old bridge and replace with new bridge structure.

Stove Creek

Fill potholes and improve drainage.


New boardwalk, approach ramps, ditches and drainage improvements.