FTA bows out from Managing Ridgemont – January 2020

January 10, 2020 – We regret to inform trail users that effective immediately, the FTA will no longer have any involvement in managing the Ridgemont trail network.

WHAT? In good faith, the FTA has been involved in managing trails on Ridgemont property for a number of years, even though there has never being a land-use agreement in place with the Landowner. Despite the FTA making numerous and persistent efforts to get a land-use agreement in place, Ridgemont Landowners have declined to enter into any formal agreement with the FTA.

WHY? In fall of 2019, an honest mistake was made by the FTA’s hardworking volunteers in building a connector to the Space Unicorns Trail. This new connector was to be only on City of Fernie property, to provide easy access to this kid and family friendly trail. The mistake unfortunately resulted in a possible encroachment on the Ridgemont lands, which was unintentional. The FTA notified the Land Manager very soon after learning of this possible error, taking steps to immediately remedy the incorrect work and decommission said trail segment.

On January 7th 2020, the FTA received a response from the Land Manager regarding the above. Unfortunately, the demands made by the Land Manager to the FTA to rectify the mistake are not attainable for a charitable organization run by volunteers. Furthermore, the FTA believes the demands are disproportionate to the mistake that was made.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? While the FTA will remain open to discussions and future negotiations of a land-use agreement for this area, effective immediately, the FTA are unable to continue their management of, or dedicate their charitable resources to, the Ridgemont trail area.

QUESTIONS? For more information regarding the Ridgemont property and what this means for Public use, please contact their Land Manager direct – Parastone Developments (http://parastone.ca).

Ridgemont area shown above, in blue.

We will continue to update our website with further information as it arises.