Lazy Lizard Connector Completed


The Connector from Stove Trail across Mount Fernie Park to Lazy Lizard Trail is complete! This 10 kilometer trail allows you to avoid riding the road. It can be used when returning from Brokeback, Hedonism, and Lazy Lizard. 

A huge thank you to Pat Gilmar who spent 20 excavator days completing the 1800 meter build. Thank you also goes out to Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club who donated the excavator operator time ( value $6,000) and Thursday night FTA trail crew who spent 3 nights working on the trail. Finally thanks again to the Thunder Ridge Fundraiser last year which raised $10,000 for this project and the matching RMI funds that provided the $20,000 to build this trail.

The temporary bridge is still in place but the permanent one will be flown in by helicopter in the next couple of weeks.

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