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The second Annual Fernie Birkie is on Sunday

Fernie Nordic Society - March 6, 2019 - 20:39

Sunday March 10 is our last major event of the season. It is the return of the Fernie Birkie.

Looking for a challenge? This is a the one, a long one but very casual - unless you don’t want it to be casual, and then feel free to ski like mad!. Excellent prizes, ride(s) on the Deer chair, a lot of yummy food/drinks - all for only $20! Prizes are for costumes and then as door prizes! You have the option to do the full 50 km yourself (2 loops to the ski hill trails and back) with or without the 12 lbs ‘baby’ on your back, or you can share the 50 km with a friend either as a relay or together.

All details are on our event page HERE. Pre-registration is recommended for less stress on our volunteers but doing it on the morning of the Birkie is OK. Wishing lots of fun to all!

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Snow Cat Grooming Montane

Fernie Trails - March 1, 2019 - 18:14

Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club has been grooming Montane Nordic and Multi-use Trails for the past three months, 100 days of grooming to date. Joining our grooming team of Black Panther and Blue Bearcat is our Red Kassbohrer Snow Cat. This should keep things on the smooth and level.

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Final Avalanche Bursary Awarded

Fernie Trails - February 27, 2019 - 11:43

The Fernie Trails and Ski Touring Club have finalized the Avalanche Bursary program with awards to Megan Bell and Matthew Szczepanski, pictured below with Ian Stokie, FT&STC President. Stokie commented, “Were happy that our bursary program is going towards people who are interested in avalanche safety and working locally”. Every year $2000 is available to […]

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FT&STC Annual General Meeting

Fernie Trails - February 27, 2019 - 07:17

The Fernie Trails & Ski Touring Club Annual General Meeting is being held on March 7th at 7PM. The meeting is being held at the Fernie Hotel meeting room (691 1st Avenue) in the basement across from the washrooms. The club has had a busy year and we look forward to recapping with everyone, new […]

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The Superheroes of the Maintenance Team

Island Lake Lodge - February 22, 2019 - 14:16

Operating four lodges in the backcountry is no easy feat. The lodgeistics of keeping the operation going day to day is truly impressive. The constant flow of food, supplies, staff, guests and everything in between keeps everyone on their toes. The maintenance department is tasked with keeping the buildings in tip-top shape, making sure all equipment is running and being maintained, as well as getting everything and everyone up and down from the lodge safely. Though they do all of this in the background and are not as visible as other departments, their efforts are essential. When issues arise, they spring into action and deal with the problem – often at less than ideal times and in bad weather. If you see the maintenance crew around, make sure to give them a high five.

The team consists of:

Andrew Brown / Operations Manager – Andrew has been with the lodge for 14 years. As a ski industry veteran with a background as a millwright, Andrew brings an expertise to many different aspects of the department. His even-keeled personality lends a sense of calm when things go awry.


Dave Henderson / Head Mechanic – Dave is originally from Australia but has been fully Canadianized with his love of cold weather, moose and shredding pow. He has been with the lodge for 20 years. Dave keeps the lodges operational and is constantly fixing and maintaining all things mechanical.


Laura McCoy / Maintenance / Shuttle Driver – Laura has been with the lodge for 13 years. She can be found taking care of all the things that keep the place humming. Food deliveries, shuttling staff by snowcat, landscaping and dealing with all the unexpected issues that arise almost daily.


Peter Rosendahl / Building Maintenance – Originally from Sweden, Peter has been with the lodge for 14 years. He takes care of building maintenance. Log buildings in a very snowy environment need a lot of love! Peter loves biking, golfing and shredding powder.


Kevin Harel / Building Maintenance Helper – Kevin is the newest member of the team and has been with the operation for 10 months. He is dedicated to helping with maintenance around the property, which includes a diverse range of tasks.


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Our Community event was well attended

Fernie Nordic Society - February 18, 2019 - 20:27

The 7th Annual Community Fun Race was held on Sunday Feb 17 at the Nordic Centre. It was a relief that the weather was perfect for the event. Hot food was available during the event. Twelve adult-child groups participated in the first part of the action. All skied to a hot chocolate station where the child enjoyed a hot drink while her/his partner skied another 2 km on the Cedar Loop and Lizard Lookout trails, then returning to join the child to ski together back to the hut. This was great fun for the skiers and spectators alike. The second part of the event consisted of four laps of the 3 km long course. This was aimed at both young and adult skiers. Fourteen skiers chose to do this as part of a team in a relay race. Thirteen more skiers chose to do the entire course solo. This proved to be very popular with spectators as each lap was short and each skier was cheered loudly as she/he passed in front of the crowd. The master organizer Sam Sedlowsky and the many volunteers made this event a success. Photo credits to Helen McAlister and Naomi Lentz.

Check the results out at HERE

Stay tuned for the upcoming Snow-to-Ice(cream) event happening during the Fernie Griz Days on March 1-3.

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What a week! Thanks Ullr

Island Lake Lodge - February 16, 2019 - 10:16

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Hut Etiquette

Fernie Trails - February 4, 2019 - 10:56

The Alpine Club of Canada recently requested pieces of hut etiquette from their cabin users and they tallied up the responses and published the most requested pieces of hut etiquette. Their results are common sense and do apply with exception that our Fernie cabins are rented to groups only. Here is what was suggested, read […]

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Avalanche Bursary awarded to Eric Pearson

Fernie Trails - January 21, 2019 - 20:34

Eric Pearson is the most recent applicant who the Fernie Trails & Ski Touring Club has supported in our Avalanche Bursary Program. Every year $2000 is available to help further avalanche education in the Elk Valley. The program has been existence for the past decade and bursary applicants need to apply in writing to […]

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Full Moon Ski & Social this Saturday evening

Fernie Nordic Society - January 14, 2019 - 16:59
  We are excited to be a part of January 2019 #FernieStreak! This is going to be a great event - there are no day use fees for the golf course trails for the evening, so it's a great opportunity to bring out a friend who is new to Nordic! All ages, all abilities welcome. All the details Want to meet other #Ferniestreakers? Join the organizing committee at the Cast Iron Grill Fernie for a Full Moon Social on January 19. Cast Iron Grill is staying open late for us, so bring your money to enjoy yummy food and drinks until 10PM.

We are hoping for a group photo at 7:30PM ... let's see how many people we can get out!

* * Please remember that the Golf Course is Nordic skiing only. No dogs or ski-less people on the trails. NORDIC SKIERS

Meet Sam @ the Fernie Golf Club clubhouse at 6:15PM for a group ski before the photo. The trails are FREE for this event for non-members! If you need rentals, check out GearHub Sports. If you can't make the 6:15PM ski, no worries, just head out anytime and join us in the restaurant when you can. FAT BIKERS

Meet @ 6:00PM at the Fairy Creek Bridge for a loop through the lower Mt Proctor trails (subject to change depending on conditions) and then to the golf course for the 7:30PM photo and food and drinks at the Cast Iron Grill. All abilities welcome!

Meet Abi @ the Dirt Jumps at 6PM to run to the Fernie Golf Club via a loop of Montane & Old Stumpy. Want to cut it a little shorter? We’ll pass back through the Dirt Jumps at 6:30PM to pick you up!
HIKERS/ WALKING Meet Ange @ the Bridge Bistro for 6:10PM and we can walk the dyke trails to the Golf Course.

If you can only #FernieStreak one day...make it this one!
City of Fernie      Stag Leap Running Co    Fernie Mountain Bike Club    Fernie Nordic Society    Fernie Trails Alliance

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Cutter Ranch – Partner Spotlight

Island Lake Lodge - January 9, 2019 - 11:33

On the edge of the southern Rocky Mountains near Cranbrook BC, an impressive and dramatic ridge rises from the valley floor. “The Steeples”, as they are called, are as photo-worthy as anything in the region. At the base of these impressive peaks lies the also impressive Cutter Ranch. Cutter Ranch is a family affair with kids, dogs and owners Tyler McNaughton and Sacha Bentall living their dream and doing things in a well thought out and progressive way. Tyler is a self professed “Ag Geek” with a B.Sc.Ag.-business degree & Ag Diploma in crop management from the University of Manitoba. Their passion and knowledge for the business are apparent throughout the operation and they were recently named Outstanding Young Farmers in BC and Yukon for 2018.

Here at Island Lake, we love to partner with like-minded local businesses who hold similar philosophies about quality, respect for the environment and community. We sat down with Tyler and Sacha for a little Q&A:

What made you guys settle in the East Kootenays? Initially, we came to visit family close to where we live now and immediately fell in love with the landscape. We  recognized the many benefits to moving our farm to the East Kootenays both for the needs of a young family and farm business. What we did not expect was the the overwhelming community support for our products and way of farming. People in the Kootenays have a very progressive and open-minded attitude toward the improvement of our local food system.

Cutter Ranch has gained a reputation for high quality products. Do you have an underlying philosophy that drives you?  How much space do you have for this article? LOL. This can be best summed up with our core goals:  pursue the endeavor as a couple, dedicate time to raise a family, be good stewards of the land, be self-employed, grow high quality nutritious food while providing a high level of animal welfare, and build a farm enterprise that will support our core goals.

Can you describe the new paddock system you put in for the pigs and its benefits? We had experimented for many years with different methods of pasturing pigs and no one method was ever simply managed. We knew this would not be the way to efficiently raise hogs outdoors and to scale up our operation. It was not until the last few years that we made bigger investments in specialized outdoor hog-raising equipment from Europe. This made a tremendous difference in efficiency from a labour standpoint. We also designed and had manufactured a specialized fence panel which can be positioned to any configuration around our fields. Our outdoor hog system is now totally modular and, more importantly, mobile. The benefits are numerous including labour savings as one of the most important and also the ability and speed with which we can rotate our hog paddocks. Managing animals on our land with more precision is a key tenant to  our philosophy of land stewardship.

What breed of pigs do you have? We raise different breeds of pigs to suit different customers needs: a combination of Berkshire, Duroc and Yorkshire breeds.

What is your plan with cattle? We have steadily growing demand for the type of finished beef we raise: pasture raised with a grain finish, Beef Done Right(®). Our short-term plans are to build the herd to meet demand and make our beef more widely available to restaurants and customers further afield (pun intended). Our beef herd serves as an alternative offering to pork on the consumer side and also adds diversity for risk management on the business side. Our goal is to be focused primarily on red meat production, and cattle are a logical fit to utilize the improved forage production from plant nutrients on the swine side.

Where can people buy your products? Why, Island Lake Lodge of course! Locally our products can be found at Little Soul Cafe, Farm to Folk and Rick’s Fine Meats in Cranbrook; Creme Cheese and Centex in Kimberley; and Kootenay Co-op in Nelson.

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Our magic kingdom!

Island Lake Lodge - January 2, 2019 - 15:22

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Island Lake Lodge - December 24, 2018 - 10:10

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Winter Weddings

Island Lake Lodge - December 20, 2018 - 22:06

Five Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

While summer tends to be the more popular season to get married, wintertime boasts many advantages of tying the knot when the snow flies. Here at Island Lake, we have the perfect winter wonderland for tying the knot and can host weddings early and late season. Following are a few reasons to have a winter wedding.

  • Romantic Ambiance – Imagine a crackling fireplace and hot toddies while you relax with your loved ones as the snow falls outside. Winter encourages you to get cozy inside wood lodges or put on a fluffy coat for a winter walk, hand-in-hand. Bonus: with a white snow backdrop, your photos will be stunning.
  • Less Weather-Reliant – Summer wedding couples are oftentimes concerned about what the weather will be like on their special day. Summer rain can mean a change of ceremony location and the inability to get the photos you want. If you choose a winter wedding date, you know it will be cold out and, even if it precipitates, it will be pretty snow. In the winter, you are able to plan for the weather more easily.
  • Less Vendor-Related Competition – With summertime being such a popular time to get married, couples may not be able to book their favourite photographer, florist, etc. due to competition. In winter, you have a higher chance of booking your ideal vendors.
  • Tied Into Holidays – Tying a December wedding in with the holiday spirit provides several advantages. Oftentimes, family will already be together at this time of year so your guests may have to travel less. They may already have time off work, meaning you wouldn’t have to ask them to take more vacation. Planning for decorations may also be easier as you can work around the holiday theme.
  • Quieter & More Intimate – Getting married at a less popular time of year means you are more likely to have the whole day with just your family and friends. In the busier summer season, you may have to share your venue with other guests who aren’t a part of your group, and you may even see other wedding couples. A winter wedding provides more intimacy and privacy.

For more information on weddings at Island Lake Lodge, contact Katie at

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Tunnel Creek Active Trap line

Fernie Trails - December 19, 2018 - 21:51

Tunnel Creek currently has an Active Trap line that could be an issue for dogs. The access to Tunnel Creek Cabin is shared with a licensed trapper for the trapping of fur bearing animals under the BC Wildlife Act. All trap locations are marked with orange ribbon and green glow paint on the trees adjacent […]

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Start of the Nordic ski season

Fernie Nordic Society - December 9, 2018 - 19:20

The season got to a good start even considering how little snow is on the ground. Volunteers began grooming the trails of the Elk Valley Nordic Centre in late November and many skiers have taken to the trails since.

- - - Ski Lessons

The ski lessons program for children is now fully booked. Several coaches, all volunteers, will lead the lessons on Saturdays and Tuesdays starting in January. This year, fourteen young skiers are part of the Fernie Racers. Their training started back in September and their goal is to enter all eight Teck Kootenay Cup races this season with the first ones in Rossland on December 15-16.

Ski lessons for adults will be available again this year starting in January. Amy Wyatt and Tarah Leggott will be coaching to groups on weekday mornings as well as at other times for private lessons. There is more information on the website.

- - - Trail Ambassadors and Volunteers

Many of the club members are volunteering their time to be at the Nordic Centre for a few hours during the weekends. The program started this past weekend and will run to the end of the season on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays between 10 am and 4 pm. The warming hut will be open during most of the Holidays period as well. There are additional volunteering opportunities for the upcoming Kootenay Cup event that the Fernie Nordic Society hosts on January 5 & 6. Let us know at

- - - Upcoming Activities

The Fernie Nordic Society has planned several events during the season. There is an early start this week with the first Toonie race on Tuesday Dec 11 at 7 pm at the Nordic Centre. No booking is necessary. Participants gather at the hut, drop their toonie and go for a fun ski. It all ends inside the warming hut by the woodstove. This event is aimed at older teens and adults.

On December 17, is the first activity planned for kids. Participants in the fun Little Critter race do as many short laps in a given time. Sign up starts at 5:30 - free to enter - and the event starts at 6 pm at the Nordic Centre.

And just before the Holidays an event for adults, the first Full Moon Ski and Social at the Nordic Centre on Saturday, December 22 starting at 7 pm. A headlamp is useful to have for this outing under the moonlight. Then end the evening inside the warm hut.

Non club members only need a day pass to participate in these events

- - - Fundraiser

The fundraiser for our newly acquired - and good looking - snowcat is still running. The official page is at

- - - Buy and Sell

There is Facebook page HERE to use for looking to buy or sell gear locally.

Ad from Heaven Boutique on 2nd Ave

Fernie Nordic Society members get a 10% discount on these brands: **Skhoop (skirts)  **NOSO (adhesive patches)  **Turtle Fur (hats/headbands)  **Auclair (gloves/mitts)  **Goodr (sunglasses)  Club members MUST show their actual membership card with the 2018/19 sticker on it for the discount to be valid.

Trail passes are now available from any of our kiosks at the trails and at the warming hut - single $10 or family $20. They are good stocking stuffers for anyone!
Enjoy the many trails that Fernie has to offer!

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